Trello for Organizations

When a friend of mine recommended Trello as a way to organize new features for our school’s app I was impressed. Dabbling, we extended it to managing our communications work and raised my eyebrows a hair. Little did I know you could pretty much manage everything (and I mean probably your whole complicated life) with it. To some, Trello is a project management tool, to others, a to-do list, and still to others a flexible database for almost any purpose. Either way, this is a tool that will either find a niche or boot a whole suite of other things out its that good.

In short, the way it works is that Trello has “boards” of “cards”. On each card you can store information about an issue, request, idea, or event to name a few possibilities. You can customize any number of “lists” that you want that will allow you to move cards through a process or categorize them in different ways. You can create an organization and add people to it to make sharing easier, and you can power-up with calendars that integrate with your own and other cool features. You can also email ideas to a list so it fits in with almost any workflow.  The free version is great but you can purchase Trello Gold for a small sum to get additional features and a larger file size allowance.

Trello Board

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