Innovation is Easier Than you Think

If not the hottest word to dominate educator speak these days, it certainly is in the top 5 and maybe even higher.  Innovation is something schools everywhere are feeling the pressure to do now more than ever.  In large,  diverse organisations like schools there is always plenty of innovation happening, but it’s not easy to pin it down and showcase it because the product of that innovation is the fleeting, ineffable process we call learning.

There are many who even debate the place innovation has in our schools, after all, why disrupt something that’s been working for thousands of years?  Can we really improve on the Socratic Seminar?  Yes we can,  and you’ve heard all reasons why we should and what the socio-technological forces at play that bring us this imperative.

If I were to call out the elephant in the room,  I would say that much of the rush to innovate in schools is an upstream plea by the dominant business discourse of the modern era which desperately needs well-educated and highly creative workers to propel the rapid development of new ideas to keep pace with competitors.  Is there anything wrong with that?  After all, the same race will bring us solutions to all the threats to our earth and its species, including us; or will it?

We must trust ourselves and our children to answer this question for us.

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