I Used to Think…

Recently I was challenged to answer a key question about my work as an educator. It doesn’t seem like much of a challenge at first, but when I actually tried to do it I found it much more difficult. During his workshop titled Diamonds to Rockpiles at NESA, Douglas Reeves laid out very clearly the notion that to truly achieve success with student learning or improvement initiatives, we must frequently ask this question about our beliefs:  I used to think….But now I think.   One could easily confuse this with growth-mindset thinking, which is something that I’ve been challenging myself with every since reading Dweck’s book.  I’ve written a post about that here.

Now, however, I have to put the thoughts in writing.  I have to walk the walk and talk the talk if I am going to make a difference. This one is going to be about creativity.

I used to think that creativity was mostly original work, that it needed to come from an authentic place within the creator. I didn’t use the word originality because I find too many circular references with that one. Now I think that creativity is mostly derivative. Why the change? I surmise that the digital age has spurred much more derivative work, speeding up the cycle and enhancing our understanding of it.

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