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For the last two and a half weeks I’ve been down for the count with one of those communicable diseases that you know could be lurking in any green salad you eat here in Mumbai. It’s the one that even thinking about how it’s transferred will make you sick. I now appear to have beaten Typhoid, and in those days of too well to sleep but too weak to get out of bed I got to research some great app recommendations from my network. This one is sure to make anybody who blogs and has an iPad swoon.

Blog Press for the iPad allows you to connect to nearly any service you blog with and write basic posts formatted with HTML. You can also include pictures from your iPad’s camera or photo albums. I’ve got blogs on WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr and I can switch between them with ease.

For iPad programs, aside from student blogging activities, the implications for ePortfolios are tremendous.  If you can front the $2.99 its well worth every penny.

For Android users, the much simpler Blogger app will do what you need to do if you that’s your preferred blogging service.

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Kevin Crouch

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