This LibraryThing seems like a useful site for book lovers.  It seems there are as many book lovers’ social networks as there are book lovers these days.  Though not all that snappy to look at,  I like the layout of this service and fact that it allows you to easily catalog all the books you own and/or have read.   The social scene appears to be lively and rewarding if you are a real book nerd.

Playing with my iPad the other day I came upon the delicious library app.  Though it’s not free, it is totally an application that I would pay $1.99 for, though not the $40.00 they want for it.   This allows you to use the webcam of your computer to scan your possession, be it books, cameras, or fine wines,  and have them appear on screen with covers and labels automatically found on the web.  You can check them out to friends too.  Now,  what I think would be great would be to  be able to scan a book you already own and have it download automatically as an ebook.  Forget licensing issues,  that would be so freeing.

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