Delicious and Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is so essential I really don’t know how anybody who uses the Internet functions without it.  It’s so important to me that I actually have two:  one in delicious and one in Diigo.  My delicious account is mainly for personal use now, while Diigo is my professional tool.  I remember back in 2005 when delicious came out as a beta I began trying to get teachers excited about it but it was simply to abstract a concept at the time for most teachers.  As favorites collections grow, however, it’s a much easier sell.

Going beyond simple bookmarking and networking,  the tool can really help teams of educators collaborate.  We have teachers that tag items with names such as unit1, biomes, or things like that and these lists of relevant websites are fed directly into ATLAS, class websites and aggregators such as Netvibes.  It helps keep all important course content resources in one place.

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