Is There Anything on the Teacher Tube?

It’s been a while since I prowled around on TeacherTube mostly because it just never seemed to have anything near the caliber that YouTube had for what I was trying to find or accomplish. This may still be true, but it does have some nice examples of student work and teacher video lessons and it is much easier to find better examples of these than on YouTube itself. I enjoyed watching a collaborative reader’s theater project done in the form of a video and actually learned a little bit about the great kapok tree. I found a fun rap done by a teacher on perimeter vs. area and a handy primer for test taking in the era of standardized tests.

One nice thing about TeacherTube is the likelihood of a search bringing up something educationally appropriate and usable in the classroom. Doing a search for India, for example brought up this interesting video about Water Credit that I had no idea about.

I wonder about the future of video sharing in schools. In many ways, I see it as the next big frontier for schools to really open up learning and sharing in a powerful way. My view is that every school needs its own video sharing site, its own TeacherTube in essence. Getting student work up in front of others is the best way to encourage more digital storytelling and other 21st century type of learning.

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