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Seeking Qualified Social Skills Coach

As today’s restless digital natives experiment more and more with Singularity, ageing technophobic dinosaurs may have less and less to worry about. Ludites take note, the march of technology will position you to be highly qualified for a new job description, the social skills coach. As this article in MindShift confirms, heavy technology use actually […]

Demystifying Fair Use

Upon reading through the Code of Best Practices for Media Literacy in Education from American University, several things became clear to me. All educators in any classroom environment need to understand this code. Much of what you think you know is probably myth, and the truth, or the nearest thing to it, is less restrictive […]

Don’t Dam that River

This post is in response to a course I am coaching called K12learning2.0. I’ve been using Netvibes for about four years now to maintain a river of information that has grown and grown with each new tributary.   Where I once just used it for keeping up on world news, sports, and social networks, I […]

Thing 5 – The Deep Web

More and more the concept of the deep web has been showing up on my radar, and after pulling this Mashable article out of my river of info, I’ve decided its time to tackle it. There really are two different categories of information sources out on the web:  information on a static web page and information […]

Information Literacy is what Learning is.

I really don’t think anybody mortal really understands how big the information literacy puzzle truly is. On occasion I get glimpses of it, like hiking around a giant mountain in swirling clouds, but it remains mostly obscured. For most of my career I feel I’ve been loking at a few trees and calling it a […]