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An Open Letter to Google: Classroom Needs a New Marketing Video

Dear Google, I haven’t even used Google Classroom yet, and already I am highly skeptical.  The video you released to hype your new classroom “solution”, which you tout as a way to “give teachers more time to teach and students more time to learn” is an embarrassment.  Watching the video makes me wonder if anyone […]

Can Slates Replace Laptops in Your 1:1 Program?

This has been a challenging year for anybody making decisions about what devices to bring into their schools. The reason for this is that mobile computing is turning what we know about 1:1 learning inside-out. When the iPad made its stunning debut and educators began wrestling with the idea of these fast, light, battery-endowed devices […]

Thing 5 – The Deep Web

More and more the concept of the deep web has been showing up on my radar, and after pulling this Mashable article out of my river of info, I’ve decided its time to tackle it. There really are two different categories of information sources out on the web:  information on a static web page and information […]

Read & Write from Text Help Systems

We are all ELL and Learning Support teachers to some degree these days, but if you teach these subjects full-time there is a piece of software you may find yourself going to as much as your word processor or browser. It is called Read &Write Gold, and it has the right balance of affordability and […]