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Innovation is Easier Than you Think

If not the hottest word to dominate educator speak these days, it certainly is in the top 5 and maybe even higher.  Innovation is something schools everywhere are feeling the pressure to do now more than ever.  In large,  diverse organisations like schools there is always plenty of innovation happening, but it’s not easy to […]

I Used to Think…

Recently I was challenged to answer a key question about my work as an educator. It doesn’t seem like much of a challenge at first, but when I actually tried to do it I found it much more difficult. During his workshop titled Diamonds to Rockpiles at NESA, Douglas Reeves laid out very clearly the […]

A Week with Tim and Sarah

We have been extremely blessed to have Tim Rylands and Sarah Neild at our school for the last five days, including a mind-blowing PD day.  The banquet Tim has laid out is far too much for us to digest fully anytime soon, which leaves us with a deep well of shared experience to tap for […]

Is Creativity Really the Goal?

I’ve been reading and thinking a lot about creativity lately, partly due to its prominence in the buzz cloud, and partly due to my irrational fear that school is killing the creativity of my daughter.  Thank you, Ken Robinson.  At the age of five now she has been coloring inside the lines for 2 years, […]

What is Creativity?

A common theme in many of our most popular sources of new ideas on education from conferences to collaborative books stress the growing importance of creativity to the future success of individuals, societies, even civilizations. It’s an idea crystallized, at least for me, by Sir Ken Robinson and his Changing Educational Paradigms video produced by […]

Seeking Qualified Social Skills Coach

As today’s restless digital natives experiment more and more with Singularity, ageing technophobic dinosaurs may have less and less to worry about. Ludites take note, the march of technology will position you to be highly qualified for a new job description, the social skills coach. As this article in MindShift confirms, heavy technology use actually […]

Categorizing the Tools We Use

I hadn’t really thought too much about a hierarchy of the many educational tools available to us until I read Elizabeth Helfant’s most recent post about it on her excellent blog Art of Contemporary Learning.  Do read the post. The first three categories Elizabeth highlights involve web tools and appear to be based to a […]

Why do we Teach That?

In a talk at ASB Un-plugged, Bruce Dixon from the Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation shared a key point in any discussion about why we need to urgently transform teaching and learning to a 21st century environment.  Bruce says The Dilemma is that while we continue to put more and more effort into testing kids and […]