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Is Creativity Really the Goal?

I’ve been reading and thinking a lot about creativity lately, partly due to its prominence in the buzz cloud, and partly due to my irrational fear that school is killing the creativity of my daughter.  Thank you, Ken Robinson.  At the age of five now she has been coloring inside the lines for 2 years, […]

Of Two Minds About Learning

I am currently contributing to our school’s R&D team to work through the ideas underpinning some radical changes coming to our new school.  Here we have some of ASB’s greatest teachers and thinkers, K through 12, synthesizing some of the most profound educational ideas of our time.  We are on the verge of redefining the […]

Easy Web Sites the Wiki Way

This post is in response to a course I am coaching called K12learning2.0. Most of us browse through a wiki of some kind almost every day and don’t really even think about  it.   As a tech coordinator I find I am frequently explaining away the mystery of the wiki to teachers who spook at […]

The Pedagogy Behind Blogs

In my job as a Technology Coordinator I often get asked tough questions. One such question I was recently asked is “Why should I consider using blogs in my class? How are they different from simply writing an assignment up in word processor?” If you are reading this, you’ve likely blogged with your classes already, […]

Conducting a Mini-Debate in Google Docs

As a social studies teacher, I have found the debate format to be a highly successful way of introducing social and ethical issues to my students. Most of the other methods have met with mixed success; class discussions often tend to skim issues due to a few dominant speakers, and position papers leave students with […]