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The Power of Introverts… with Social Technologies

Susan Cain’s powerful TED talk on The Power of Introverts left me little choice but to write this post.  Susan’s impassioned pleas to just leave introverts alone and let them think included taking educators to task for forcing students to cooperate and collaborate in areas such as math and writing where surely they would do […]

Early Childhood and the iPad

Ever since replacing our Macbooks in EC3 (3-4 year-olds) with iPads, we’ve observed a dramatic shift in the way both the students and the teachers use technology in the classroom. Though the teachers’ enthusiam is highly encouraging, the most transformational aspect has been with the students; they truly enjoy using the things. Though we achieved […]

Life Without Google Docs?

I can’t imagine life without Google Apps anymore. There was a time where I felt that way about Office, but now I so rarely use Office that Docs has almost completely taken over. Using Microsoft Word for anything other than a complicated report or desktop publishing just seems ridiculous now. It’s like using floppy discs […]

Easy Web Sites the Wiki Way

This post is in response to a course I am coaching called K12learning2.0. Most of us browse through a wiki of some kind almost every day and don’t really even think about  it.   As a tech coordinator I find I am frequently explaining away the mystery of the wiki to teachers who spook at […]

Making Global Projects Work by Jeff Whipple

Jeff Whipple is a major proponent of Global Collaborative Projects (GCPs). He talks about tools, what they look like, and why we should engage in them. Jeff believes that students need to reach out to get to know students from other parts of the world, and see how students with different backgrounds can share the […]

More on Google Docs.

Google Apps is undoubtedly the early form of a technology that will eventually take over in one way or another. I love this tool. In spite of its quirks I love the very notion of what it’s trying to do. I’ve been using it and sharing it for four years now and its just starting […]

Conducting a Mini-Debate in Google Docs

As a social studies teacher, I have found the debate format to be a highly successful way of introducing social and ethical issues to my students. Most of the other methods have met with mixed success; class discussions often tend to skim issues due to a few dominant speakers, and position papers leave students with […]