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Personalizing Learning in Stages

Today I had the honor of spending the day with my friend Kathleen McClaskey and actually attending one of her workshops. I was able to make it to the Digital Education Show in Dubai to catch this one as she rarely makes it over to my neck of the woods. The day helped illustrate much […]

Reflecting on Visible Learning

I had the opportunity today to hear directly from the Visible Learning group, notably Shaun Hawthorne, about how to best interpret and use the data presented in Hattie’s book. It is probably no secret to most educators these days what the areas with the biggest “effect size” are.  Its always good to have a refresher. […]

Transform Learning with Great Questions

We often hear others describe 1-to-1 computing in schools as simply an access model.  We hear it rationalised as a way to give students access to information, to the vast riches of the World Wide Web while learning to deter its evils.  Why, then, are there so many examples out there of schools expecting 1-to-1 […]

Reflecting on Effect Size

I recently came across a reference to the book Visible Learning for Teachers by John Hattie in Grant Wiggins’ blog in which he lists the teaching techniques with the greatest effect size on student learning in relation to a research meta-analysis done by Hattie.  I couldn’t help but notice some of the stand-outs. Student self-assessment/self-grading […]

Thinking Differently About Tech PD

For many years I’ve worked with integration and coordination teams that offered technology professional development as a one-shot one-day-a-week one-size-fits-all workshop.  If someone wasn’t able to make it, well, they had to come find us.  Last year sometime, I think it was after reading the first paragraph of the fine book Differentiated Professional Development in […]

The Power of Introverts… with Social Technologies

Susan Cain’s powerful TED talk on The Power of Introverts left me little choice but to write this post.  Susan’s impassioned pleas to just leave introverts alone and let them think included taking educators to task for forcing students to cooperate and collaborate in areas such as math and writing where surely they would do […]

Of Two Minds About Learning

I am currently contributing to our school’s R&D team to work through the ideas underpinning some radical changes coming to our new school.  Here we have some of ASB’s greatest teachers and thinkers, K through 12, synthesizing some of the most profound educational ideas of our time.  We are on the verge of redefining the […]