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A New Data Mindset

If a world of information surplus is changing the way think about learning, commerce, government and a great many other sectors, what is the impact of all this data on how we think? Our brains are wired to function efficiently in data-poor environments. We see two potentially relatable events and we immediately attempt to draw comparisons […]

Transform Learning with Great Questions

We often hear others describe 1-to-1 computing in schools as simply an access model.  We hear it rationalised as a way to give students access to information, to the vast riches of the World Wide Web while learning to deter its evils.  Why, then, are there so many examples out there of schools expecting 1-to-1 […]

Blog Press for the iPad

For the last two and a half weeks I’ve been down for the count with one of those communicable diseases that you know could be lurking in any green salad you eat here in Mumbai. It’s the one that even thinking about how it’s transferred will make you sick. I now appear to have beaten […]

Building a Sustainable Tech Integration Program

Thanks everyone who came to my presentation at the Laptop Institute today and help generate some great discussion. Here’s the presentation for you to do whatever you wish with. Please provide attribution if you use any of the slides. Have a great rest-of-your-LI!

Information Fluency for Inquiry Learning

Thanks to all of you that came to my presentation at the Laptop Institute. I hope you all will continue to pursue authentic learning opportunities at your school and do your best to structure that in a meaningful way for kids. Here is the link to the full Information Fluency Continuum. and the Prezi that […]

Is There Anything on the Teacher Tube?

It’s been a while since I prowled around on TeacherTube mostly because it just never seemed to have anything near the caliber that YouTube had for what I was trying to find or accomplish. This may still be true, but it does have some nice examples of student work and teacher video lessons and it […]

Podcasting for Fluency

We recently finished a podcasting activity with grade 4′s in which the students worked on their reading and speaking fluency.  This is called ‘podcasting for fluency’ in most circles. The way this was done was to first have students become familiar with Audacity in one class period,  practice recording a whole book in another, and […]


This LibraryThing seems like a useful site for book lovers.  It seems there are as many book lovers’ social networks as there are book lovers these days.  Though not all that snappy to look at,  I like the layout of this service and fact that it allows you to easily catalog all the books you […]

Delicious and Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is so essential I really don’t know how anybody who uses the Internet functions without it.  It’s so important to me that I actually have two:  one in delicious and one in Diigo.  My delicious account is mainly for personal use now, while Diigo is my professional tool.  I remember back in 2005 […]

The Need to Go Paperless

I subscribe to the blog Teach Paperless, which I enjoy,  and another blog I read,  Learning is Change, had a post in it about the same topic.    So,  I feel the need for a post about paperless schools coming on. The question of whether to go paperless in today’s schools tends to generate arguments […]